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Kamil & Pavlina Prague Guide - Private Tours

Vsetinska 11
Praha 5 15521

How to contact us

PavlinaWe are accessible and easy to do business with. You can email us anytime and we´ ll get back to you within a day local time but we may reach you a little later because of the time difference.

If you would like to call us we´ ll try our best to answer all calls personally during working hours.

We are usually in touch with our clients through emails but don´t hesitate to call as in one phone call we can solve things that otherwise take a few emails to exchange back and forth!

The big advantage is that as we talk and you can gain a personal feeling about who we are and how we work. We are busy at work and so we are at home where we have now two little children that keep us even busier.

Therefore the best time to call is after bed time between 8pm – 10pm local time.


KamilWe recommend you to book a tour some time before your arrival. It makes things easier to plan and also it is less stresfull. Just send us your requests and we´ll get back to you as soon as we can.

You don´t need to pay any fees beforehand. We trust you when you book a tour you will take the tour. We treat everybody on our tours as we would like to be treated – as friends of ours. And trust is what we believe in.

We are a small family run business and we want our business to stay on a personal level. We have no intensions to grow any bigger. We worry we would lose our personal character.

When you book a tour Kamil or Pavlina will try their best to be your personal guide. Only in certain cases, when we are already booked or have to stay at home with children, we´ll find you a nice and professional guide of Prague. Of course somebody we would be happy to use ourselves and with whom you would be provided an excellent service.

Working hours: daily from 8am – 10pm local time.

Phone calls: daily from 8pm – 10pm local time.

Contact us

Phone: + 420-605-701-861

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