Prague Culinary Tour – Food Tours in Prague

Prague Culinary Tour – Food Tours in Prague

Private tours in Prague
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Prague Food Tours – Prague Culinary Tours – Czech Tours

  • Are you interested in discovering Prague and Bohemian culture through its food and cuisine? 
  • Our Culinary Prague tours are a favorite way to see and feel Prague from a different perspective, from the perspective of the taste.
  • Guests are charmed by the tradition, richness and different varieties Czech and Prague cuisine has yet to offer

Private Food Tours in Prague – Bohemian Food Tours – Prague Tours

Tune in and experience authentic food scene of Prague

Join us on a journey of Prague food and culture with local foodies and experience real local life.

This is not an ordinary tour and we believe that it is a great way to immerse yourself in the city and its culture through the food and local people. 

When exploring Prague with Bohemian food and drinks browsing is not enough. Instead, the touching, smelling, tasting (yes, all is edible) and asking questions is what makes the experience authentic.

Together we will delve into our favorite restaurants, traditional pubs and deli shops off the beaten tracks.

All of these locations offer various local specialties and beverages for you to indulge in. 

While enjoying various and unique tastes, we will provide you with insight into the food being served, its history and tradition.

We have been introducing our guests to the joys of the city for many years. We have noticed when we travel, that a culture´s food provides insight into the culture and now we would like to share our knowledge with you on our tour.

Our aim is not just to show you the local gastronomy and specialties, but also to help you to find your way around Prague, understand Czech culture and answer all you want to know. 

We put all of our efforts into making this pleasurable foodie experience to be the highlight of your time spent in Prague. 

Apart from spending a few hours enjoying delicious food, we also want to give you insider tips on what else is worth doing in Prague, as regards to the culture, entertainment, and shopping.

About Prague Food and Culinary Tour:

This tour will introduce you to the secrets of Prague and Czech cuisine. After meeting at your hotel, unless agreed otherwise, we will take you to a number of carefully, based on our experience, picked eating places.

This tour is all about food -- eating, tasting, and drinking.  So don't have a big meal before this tour -- you'll miss part of the fun!

What is included?

  • A guided Prague Food Tour in a group of max . 8 people  
  • Multiple tastings of our favorite dishes at places we like  
  • Tastings of local beer, wine (non-alcoholic options available). 
  • Written insider tips on restaurants, cafés, bars, etc. locals like us like to visit. 
  • Written insider tips on jewelry, design and souvenir shopping.  
  • Ideas on what to do in Prague with maps highlighting sights, culinary treats, design shops and other tips along the way. 


  • Group size: 8 guests maximum as we believe that smaller groups add to the experience.
  • Duration: about 4 hours. 
  • Number of stops: 4 - 5
  • Price: CZK 2600 (EUR 105 per person). That’s an all-inclusive price (includes all food, drinks, tips in restaurants, maps, etc.


  • Food allergies or other dietary restrictions, as well as preferences, are very important for us. Please let us know if you have any restrictions upon ordering the walk. 
  • Alcohol is normally served during this walk. Please enquire for non-alcoholic options. 
  • Weather and walking: Although the focus of the “Prague food and cultural tour” is clearly on the tasting and we will stay mostly indoors, we still have to walk outside from place to place. The walk will be held rain or shine unless notified otherwise in advance. Please wear comfortable shoes, and perhaps an extra layer.

Extra Option:

  • Our Prague Culinary and Food Tours are organized as group tours of 8 people at most. However, we also offer fully private options with a minimum of 4 people of the same cost! Let us know if you are interested.


Absolutely the Best Food Tour“

This was fabulous! I completely agree with others who have said this is not really like a tour. It is more like walking around the city with a friend. The food was, without exception, excellent. Our guide Vladimir made us feel very comfortable from the start and easily explains the local food scene as well as Czech culture and history. Easily accommodates different tastes and needs. Very impressive... 

                                                                                                Gayle S., Indianapolis, Oregon.

Additional information


4 hours


year round



Means of transport:


Walking and distance:

easy walking, about 1,5 miles

What to see:

Restaurants, Pubs, Deli shops, Food, Drinks, People


Meeting place & time:

reception of your hotel unless agreed otherwise. Departure time completely up to you.


Amount of people


up to 8 people

2.800 / 110


  • You can pay after the tour to your guide.
  • The cost is per person not per group.
  • EUR and US count is approximate and can alter depending on actual exchange rates.
Phone: + 420-605-701-861


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