The Ultimate Tour

The Ultimate Tour

Private tours in Prague
7-8 hours / 2x 3-4 hours
Private city tour
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Prague Private Tours – Prague Tours - Czech Tours

  • The Ultimate Tour is one of our most popular Prague guided tours.
  • It is a long day tour and provides a detailed overview of the city.
  • It is your choice whether to do the Ultimate tour in just one day or to separate it into two half days.
  • We recommend it to take two half days. It is easier to take it all in and also less tiring.

About the Ultimate Tour – Private Prague Tour

In this full day tour you will be able to see and admire all the highlights of Prague in just one day.

You will be introduced to the four UNESCO historical parts of Prague – the Old Town and the New Town, the Lesser Quarter and Prague Castle.

Among other Prague guided tours the Ultimate tour is so popular because despite being a general tour you will still be shown all the important sites in detail. It is a detailed tour that covers almost everything important to see.

Sites like the famous Strahov Monastery, Famous pilgrim place - Loreto, the Castle Town , Little Town, Old Town Square, Wenceslas Square and of course, Prague Jewish Quarter.

While touring the Castle Town you will visit Prague Castle with the cathedral of St. Vitus, Old Royal palace and Golden Lane as these are sights not to be missed.

Naturally, you will wander around the Lesser Quarter (Little Town) with its beautiful palaces, gardens and hidden corners.

A real pearl of gothic architecture, Charles Bridge , awaits you with its own stories and legends. You will walk along the bank of the Vltava River, where hundreds of locals and tourists alike enjoy a stroll.

Take it from us, this private tour will leave you astonished by the beauty of this Golden city.

The Prague Ultimate tour provides a general but detailed overview and can, of course, be tailored to meet your own requirements.

It can also be divided into two half days as mentioned above.

One day you would tour the right bank of the river with the Old Town , New Town and Jewish Quarter while the second day you will wander around the left bank of the river including the Castle Town with Prague Castle, Little Town and Charles Bridge.

  • Regarding transport, our Prague tours are best done on foot, as the historical center of Prague is not accessible by car or public transport, and also because the main historical sights are within easy walking distance of each other.
  •  If you so wish, we are also able to arrange private cars or minibuses with drivers for our clients as it is something some of our guests may prefer.
  •  In any case, Prague has a very inexpensive and efficient public transportation system with a subway, streetcars and buses. Taxis are also reasonably priced.

Prague Walking Tours: Testimonials

Fabulous All-Day Tour

My family and I hired Kamil to lead us on a full day walking tour of Prague. We were able to see all of the core sections of the old city: Castle Town, Old Town, New Town, Lesser Town, and the Jewish Quarter. Kamil was extremely knowledgable, providing us with a detailed historical background of the city, customs, people, politics, and architecture of this unique UNESCO world heritage city.

We visited several cities during our Central European trip and Prague was the crown jewel! A lot of the credit goes to Kamil for revealing the highlights and secrets of a place we didn't know much about, prior to our vacation.

Oh, I don't want to forget to mention that Kamil takes great group photos (knows all the good spots) and found us a cute, tasty restaurant for us to re-fuel halfway through our 8-hour walking tour!“



Amazing walking tour or Prague

My husband and I along with our friends found Kamil through friends who had him for a previous tour. Kamil met us at our hotel and we had him for our guide for 2 mornings of 4 hours each. Prague was broken into 4 sections. The first morning we toured Little Town and Prague Castle. The second morning we toured Old Town and New Town. We walked leisurely throughout the city with Kamil explaining the history of all we saw. He is very knowledgeable about the history of Prague. When we needed tickets for entering any of the sites we gave Kamil the money and he would go purchase them. Kamil spent a couple of years living in the US and understands our humor and was a fun person to spend the mornings with relating the history of his beautiful city to us. I would recommend him highly as your guide in Prague.“

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7-8 hours / 2x 3-4 hours


Amount of people CZK EUR USD
1 – 2 people 800 20 30
3 – 4 people 850 24 35
5 – 6 people 950 28 40
7 – 8 people 1100 32 45
bigger groups send us request send us request send us request
  • Price is per hour for the whole group.
  • Prices in EUR and USD are approximate and depend on actual exchange rate.
  • Payment can be made directly to your guide after the tour, unless agreed otherwise. Unfortunately, we do not accept credit cards.

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